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Make the Most of Your Garage

Take a drive through most any St. Louis County subdivision to see how important garages are. Overhead doors are raised displaying spaces packed with cars, lawn equipment, tools and overflowing storage. It is the favored hang-out for men. Its transitory position between indoors and out makes it a high traffic area.

The garage is a large and vital room in your home that deserves special attention to maximize organizational, recreational and functional potential. And make no mistake – it is a room in your home, one that gets used every day. Yet it’s commonly the room with the dreariest look and most wasted space. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions for enhancing your garage.

Garages are getting bigger all the time. The standard 21’x 21′, 2-car garage does not adequately accommodate the larger size of our vehicles along with typical garage items like the lawnmower, gardening tools and a workbench.

Garages need to be a minimum of 22′ x 22′ to work with modern lifestyles, and the 3-car garage is the new standard. Even if there’s only 2 cars in your family, that extra bay can easily be converted into household storage or hobby workspace.

When it comes to more square footage, also think vertical. By adding a top layer to your existing garage, you get loft space that can become a playspace for kids, a home office or exercise studio.  Or by installing an auto elevator or car lift, you get the ability to stack vehicles atop one another, effectively doubling storage capacity.

Your garage can be just as precisely organized as the most breathtaking walk-in closet on HGTV. There’s an organization system to meet every need, featuring bins, pull-out drawers, shelving and custom cabinetry and closets. Walls can be turned into peg boards for hoisting yard tools, bikes and sporting equipment up off the floor so that it’s easier to navigate.  The same process used to design the ultimate kitchen (function, traffic flow, etc.) can also apply to the garage, with the same level of life enhancing results for the whole family.

Unpainted drywall and unsealed concrete floors are the norm of garage interiors, which is a curious way to treat one of the most important spaces in a home. This is a room that all your neighbors see every time the overhead door goes up, and your frequent visitors most likely walk through the garage as well, so improving the look of this high traffic area with upgraded wall and floor finishes is a smart investment.

Plus, opting for finished walls and ceilings also provides an opportunity to add insulation to a large space that is too often overlooked when it comes to energy efficiency. Controlling the temperature in a garage makes it more useful all year long.

One issue with ever-expanding garages is that, from the street view, it can look as if the garage is overtaking the house! The re-emergence of the detached garage (like the ones in St. Louis City) is the solution for getting the size you need while maintaining the look and balance of your home, proper.  And building a new detached garage gives you a chance to add a second floor apartment that can serve as a home office or guest house.

The garage is no longer a utilitarian space to keep your car; it has become an important, frequently used part of daily life. When contemplating ways to improve the function and look of your garage, you should treat it as you would any remodeling project in your home. Begin with the designers and planners at Mosby Building Arts who will work with you to create a garage that meets all your wants and needs, and the Mosby carpenters will bring the project to life.

For a garage that lasts a lifetime and adds value to your home, explore Mosby Building Arts’ garage & driveway services.   Here’s an example of a Mosby garage project that inspired a total exterior makeover. Make the most of your garage by calling the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.