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How To Create Your Dream Closet

Closets are a hidden sore spot in too many homes. The standard pole for hanging items with a shelf or rack above it does a disservice to most people. That system leaves too much wasted space, too much stacking and too much disorganization.

You deserve closets that allow you to store and organize clothing so that you can find it quickly and easily. This can be accomplished in an existing closet with personalized shelving and rack systems tailored to your needs or you can expand your space by converting an unused bedroom into the ultimate walk-in closet and dressing room. Redesigning the master suite to create separate His & Hers closets is a popular project that greatly improves lifestyles.

When planning for your dream closet, here are things to consider:

Budget: Closet systems can be made from wire and PVC shelves (entry level) all the way to wood veneer cabinetry (premium). If you can dream it, it can be made, but take stock of what you actually need so you’re planning wisely on the organization that will improve your life.

Suitability: An organized closet should reflect how you live. There’s no sense in creating elaborate top shelf storage if you’re 5 feet tall, or designing a floor shoe rack when you have a bad back. Make it easy for you to access the important, every day items, while providing storage for off-season items up high or deep back in the closet.

Contents: Your closet should have space for all types of clothing and accessories. Details to think about include:

• Pants and skirts can hang under shirts, while dresses will take up more space so need their own nook.

• To make shoes easily accessible, consider cabinets or drawers with see-through fronts so you can quickly identify the shoes.

• Special rack for ties and belts keep these accessories organized and in sight.

• Adding drawers and a dresser in the closet can give you more space in the bedroom

• A built-in jewelry cabinet at chest-height makes it easier to coordinate accessories with your outfits.

• Building a waist-high island in the middle of a walk-in closet gives you valuable drawer space, plus a convenient countertop.

• Bench seating is not a luxury, but a necessity. Remember that each time you have to walk from your closet to your bed to put on socks and shoes.

Labor: If your needs are simple, a visit to a container store and a weekend’s worth of work can do the trick. If you’re seeking a more tailored solution, look to a professional to help realize your goals.

The space planners and carpenters at Mosby Building Arts have created thousands of closets for Metro St. Louis homeowners, from simple double closets to luxurious walk-in closets with revolving suit racks and a wall safe. They specialize in carving His & Hers closets out of existing master bedroom and bathroom space. To begin the process of your dream closet, call Mosby at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.