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Using Kitchen Cabinets in Other Rooms

Just because there are standard configurations of kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean you have to use them that way, or even use them in the kitchen.

In essence, cabinets are wood boxes with doors or drawers made so you can store things out of sight. When they are given special designations – such as bathroom vanity, kitchen base cabinet, or wall cabinet – what is really being detailed is the standard measurements for the intended area.

For instance, the standard kitchen countertop height is 36” while bathroom vanity heights range from 29 – 31”. But what if you can no longer bend over as easily to wash your face and would like a taller vanity? Then the taller standard height of a designated kitchen base cabinet is a perfect solution in your bathroom.

When you concentrate on desired measurements and storage needs rather than room designations, you can place any type of cabinet anywhere in your home. That’s literally thinking outside the box!

Kitchen Cabinets in the Bathroom
Kitchen base cabinets are generally 24” deep by 36” tall, while bathroom cabinets are 18”-21” deep and 29”-31” tall. Used in the bathroom, these will provide more storage space and lift the sink closer to you, but that also pulls you 3” further away from the mirror when doing your makeup or shaving.

If you prefer the bathroom sink at a standard height (they’re much easier for little children to use), but fell in love with the look of kitchen cabinets, consider using the 24” tall over-the-fridge model. To gain the proper height, a 6” toe-kick can be added to the bottom or go with the ultra contemporary floating vanity look (shown above).

Kitchen Cabinets in the Living Room
In the photo above left, over-the-sink cabinets leave the kitchen to become an inviting window seat with great storage. Above right, a homeowner repurposed kitchen wall cabinets as sleek storage for DVDS and CDs in the living room. In both cases, a new top surface (cushions or a thin slab of granite) is what ties them together and gives them new life.

Reuse Kitchen Cabinets in the Garage

When remodeling your kitchen, what will you do with the old cabinets being removed? If they’re still structurally sound, you could set them up in your garage. The base cabinets are already the perfect height for a workbench.  The upper cabinets give you much-needed storage, and make the garage well-organized and attractive. Plus, re-using those cabinets in your home rather than sending them to a landfill is the greenest form of recycling!

Once you’re thinking outside the box about cabinetry, the possibilities are endless. But there are many structural and ergonomic details to consider when using a cabinet in a different way. For expert help in using kitchen cabinets in other rooms, learn more about Mosby Building Arts design & remodeling services here. Call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.

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