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Can New Siding Go Over the Old Siding?

There are a lot of questions when it’s time to install new siding on your home, and the most frequently asked question is also the most important one to get right: Should I remove the old siding, or can the new siding go over it?

If you want your investment in new siding to have lasting value, do not cover up old problems. We strongly advocate removing all the old siding, installing a wind and moisture membrane like Tyvek over the wall sheathing, and then applying the new siding.

Quite often, new siding is needed because the old siding has failed, or come to the end of its useful life. If in doubt, here’s how to determine if you need new siding.

Moisture behind the siding is a common reason for failing siding, so if you apply new siding over old, you are trapping the existing moisture problem. This can turn the old siding into a sponge that forces the water deeper into the structure of your home.

Removing the old siding also provides the opportunity to inspect and correct any moisture or mold problems that were hidden. A wet wall cavity can lead to rot, mold, mildew and can cause some very serious health and structural consequences. Areas to check and correct include the exterior wall sheathing, the insulation (or add it if none exists) and the flashing.

Once water problems have been addressed, applying new house wrap not only protects against wind and moisture, it boosts the effectiveness and endurance of your new siding.

Seldom do re-siding installers offer, advocate or remove the old siding for cost reasons. But how do we really know what is happening inside a wall cavity without opening up the wall? Removing the old siding prior to re-siding your house is good practice, good business and a wise decision to make for the best value in your new siding investment. You will be protecting the health of your family and your home.

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