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Design Ideas for Updating Your Front Porch

Even if you seldom use your front door, remember that it’s continually making a first impression on everyone who passes by or visits. Take a moment to stand on the street and see your house as others see it. Could your front entrance benefit from an update?

updated front door

A porch update can be as simple as installing new light fixtures, house numbers and a mailbox. A new door is a great way to kick start the look for your home, as shown above, or paint the existing door a striking color. These are all easy face-lift ideas that can be done over a weekend.

Signs of decay bring down the overall look of your home. The repair or replacement of cracked or crumbling concrete sidewalks and stairs is a good cosmetic move that also removes a safety hazard. Here’s what to look for on your concrete. And then there are the effects of water damage on the wood features of your porch; inspect and repair rotting wood columns before applying a fresh coat of paint.

des peres mo front porch

Because the porch is constantly exposed to the same elements as roofing and siding, it will eventually need to have some parts replaced.  The original porch shown above was suffering decay from water damage. Since it had to be rebuilt to correct the drainage, a whole new look was created for the porch, which gives the home a fresh new look.

affton mo front porch

For homes originally built without a porch, adding one is a small project with big results. The home above goes from modest to outgoing with the addition of a covered porch, new double doors and landscaping to create a grand entrance.

kirkwood mo front porch

Sometimes a new porch can alter the entire look of a home, as with the project above. This family has an updated home without having to move because of their initial desire for a large covered porch.

A front porch update is a flexible project that can easily match your needs and budget. For inspiration, view some more curb appeal exterior design projects.  To update your Metro St. Louis porch, call Mosby Building Arts at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.


  • L. Rozier

    Could you sell us the porch plans for the ranch house on the hill? We do not live near you.

    • Thank you for your inquiry. We do not sell plans by themselves, as each one is drawn to specifically meet our clients needs and wants. We suggest you contact a certified remodeling company through your local HBA chapter, show them photos of what you’d like, and start from there. And good luck!