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How much electricity does a gas, forced air furnace use in my home?


A gas fired, forced air home furnace typically requires a small amount of electricity to ignite and operate in your home. Most gas heat furnaces use less than 600 watts of electricity, or less than half of a typical 15 amp electric circuit. The gas furnace uses this small amount of electricity to power the blower or fan part of the furnace which circulates air in the house, and also powers the draft inducer fans to safely push the exhaust fumes out of the house.

There are differences in the electric power needed for gas-igniters for furnaces and appliances. Some gas appliances have electronic igniters which make a “ticking” sound and use small amounts of electricity, other glow plug types of igniters draw a lot of current to stay glowing hot while the gas appliance operates. Many portable electric generators are more than enough to run your gas furnace when the electricity is properly and safely connected to your furnace, usually by an electrician.

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  • Lee

    Can my 4400 watt generator pull my gas furnace at 250′ with 12/3 wire?