Rid-X Recipe to Clean Plumbing Fixtures []


How can I keep my plumbing drain pipes clean without using damaging methods or materials?


We have found an additional use for Rid-X Septic Tank Cleaner: as a safe and natural way to keep the insides of all plumbing lines clean. Rid-X is a bacterial enzyme that breaks down waste in septic tanks, but it can also be used for all waste systems in your house. Applied regularly, it will “clean” the inside of the pipes by breaking down the solid waste stuck to the pipes. Because it is organic, it is safe to use in every type of plumbing pipe, and it is a great preventative measure.

● Use 1 tablespoon of powder per 16 oz. of warm water.
● Mix it like tea and pour it down each bathroom and kitchen drain.
● Do this once a month at each fixture for a year, and then 4 times a year to keep the pipes clean.

For the liquid version of Rid-X, double the amount of the powder, using 2 tablespoons per 16 oz. of warm water.

The chemical is harmless to the pipes, so too much will not hurt anything. We like the powder better because it makes for a thicker liquid that goes down the drain more slowly, sticks where it’s needed and seems to give a better performance. The liquid will help, but we recommend the powder version.

The mixture does not need to sit in the traps for any length of time to work, so you can continue to use your drains immediately after applying the formula. Once the product is in your pipes it will thrive where you need it most – which is to say that it will “feed” or break down the organic waste where the build up exists. Just mix the RID-X, dump it down the sink and then rinse the sink. This material will grow in the P-traps, inside the pipes and generally eat away the sludge build up inside pipes that a sewer rooter cutting tool will not remove.

The enzyme is totally safe for pipes and fixtures and actually breaks down the oils, solids and wastes inside the plumbing pipes, safely and inexpensively. But Rid-X does NOT clear up existing clogs. It is used after a clog has been properly cleared, and as a preventive tool to reduce the occurrence of clogs in the future. You will still need to remember to remove the hair that gets caught in drains, and remove any foreign objects that get in the pipes.

  • TheToxicologist

    Worthless. Doesn’t work.

    • Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. Rid-X is Not for breaking up existing clogs, but rather preventing them from forming. It’s a long-term preventative maintenance tool.

  • My house is very old, and the plumber thinks the main outgoing pipe from the bathroom sink is original to the house. I could see that it was black and clogged-looking inside this main pipe when he changed the trap, etc. I heard about Rid-x, so I tried it on this slow sink. But I didn’t look on-line to find the formula (dumb!) and I apparently put too much powder down the sink and now it is not running as good as it was, although it is still running but slowly. I think it is because the Rid-x became something of a clog, although it is running. Can I hope that it will eventually clear itself if I keep pouring some water in now and then? Can you please reply to my e-mail, although you are free to post this. Since I’m nervous about this, I would like a reply asap. thank you very much!

    • Sorry to hear about your slow and clogged drain. The Rid-X is not a cause or solution for your plumbing plumbing. Rid-X is a bacterial enzyme used as preventive maintenance to help keep your drains clear. It cannot break up existing clogs. Nor would it be able to contribute to an existing clog, as it dissolves in water. The plumbing clog needs to be addressed by professionals. At this point, there is no liquid or home remedy you can use to clear that pipe, which is why you should contact a plumbing professional. And good luck!

  • MeChelle

    Curious… A handful of small beans got away from me and went down the sink. I know that beans over time when in water expand. Can Rid-X break down the beans?

    • The beans are an organic material that will break down with Rid-X (which is also an organic material). But a quicker way to clear the beans from the drain is to plug your sink drain, fill up the sink with hot water, and then pull the plug. That large, fast burst of water will flush everything down the drain and out to the sewer. AND that’s a traditional plumbing tip as well: do just that once a week to keep drains clear.

  • hughcyoung

    Once a year I pour a box of Rid X into the toilet at night. It keeps my sewer line clear and have gone over 20 years without having to call the plumber.

  • Brad V

    Doesn’t the Rid-x get flushed down the drain along with the water the next day? It won’t cling to the sides of the pipes and matter, correct? It’s indicated for septic systems since that’s a closed system and has many days or months to work and isn’t flushed down pipes as it is in a home. I’m a bit circumspect about the efficacy of this? I’d like to try this but it seems like a waste of money perhaps. Perhaps a better preventive is to run a cable through basment (and other drains) sporadically?