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Our Favorite New Kitchen & Bath Products

Every year, Mosby Building Arts designers attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) to see brand new kitchen and bath products. Jake Spurgeon and Julie Giljum each share their 5 favorite items from the recent KBIS 2017. Jake Spurgeon, Mosby Building Arts Designer Robern InLine Series Lighting Lighting that can be connected and paired […]

The 5 Most Valuable Bathroom Trends

There is a move away from spending money on elaborate, showplace bathrooms and, instead, designing bathrooms that better reflect how you actually live. Daily comfort and ease-of-use is a valuable investment. Here are 5 bathroom trends that reflect this new way of living: 1. Who Has Time to Soak? Homeowners are realizing they seldom use […]

Mosby Tour: A University City Master Suite Addition

A University City, MO home built in 1957 has responded brilliantly to constant transformation. Both inside and out, our homeowner has remodeled most every square inch of her house, and we’ve been there to help. After each project, we think there’s nothing left to do to such a beautiful home. Ah, but there was… The […]

Designer Talk: One Bathroom, Two Budgets

Jillian Brinkman, Mosby Building Arts Designer When considering a bathroom remodel, selecting fixtures and finishes within your budget is the key to a successful project. For this exercise, I chose a look for a bathroom and selected key items to create that look at two different price points. Can you guess which selection board has […]

Designer Talk: Making Shower Wall Decisions

 Mosby Building Arts Designer Jake Spurgeon When performing a bathroom remodeling project one of the biggest design items is the choice of shower wall materials.  There are several different products available and each one has specific considerations for homeowner. But which one will be best for you? Let’s take a look at your choices, and their […]