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My Dad’s Lawn Care Recipe

Noël Powers, Client Experience Coordinator Mosby Building Arts Client Experience Coordinator Noël Powers’ describes her Dad’s long-standing lawn care recipe. This recipe has been successful for years. When I was growing up my Dad always had a lush lawn, the neighbors have always complimented him on his thick green lawn. My Dad has a lawn recipe that […]

Winter Planning for Summer Outdoor Living

Don’t wait until you have ditched your winter coat for shorts and flip flops to begin planning your new outdoor space. If you want to enjoy it for the spring and summer, it needs to be planned now, in the winter. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck, it will take time to […]

Mosby Wins an Architect & Designer Award

St. Louis design and remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts has won a 2012 St. Louis At Home Architect & Designer Award in the Outdoor Living Space category.  Their winning project is an outdoor kitchen overlooking an in-ground pool for a mid-century modern ranch home in Festus, MO. Granite, flagstone and stainless steel are the standout […]

Fall Plans for Outdoor Living Projects

Summer closes up shop on Labor Day, but historically, many remodeling firms get the most calls about outdoor living projects between Labor Day and Halloween. Why is this so? Summer Creates New Needs A summer spent outdoors can highlight what’s missing from your outdoor living experiences. An umbrella attached to a folding lounge chair may […]

How to Use the Space Under Your Deck

If you have a deck, you also have the potential to double your usable outdoor living space. Check out the area under your deck to see if you have the potential to go double-decker. The typical deck is built so that water drains directly under it, but if you manage water so it drains away […]