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7 Back-To-School Remodeling Ideas to Stay Organized

Back-To-School is the annual whirlwind that spins parents and children into activity hyper drive. Life can become temporarily chaotic as everyone adjusts to new schedules and tasks, but there are ways to maintain a sense of calm. Here are 7 St. Louis remodeling projects that help the family stay balanced by staying organized: 1. A […]

Bookmark These Ideas: Remodeling Projects for Book Lovers

Those who really love books tend to have a lot of them. Ask a book lover what they desire most and chances are they reply “more bookcases!” Here are a few storage solutions Mosby Building Arts designed for St. Louis bookworms. A dining room that was seldom used because of a huge eat-in kitchen is […]

Downsizing: The New Shape of the Home Office

The laptop, tablet and smart phone have changed how we work and entertain ourselves. Their convenience and portability is also changing the shape of the home office. When we can sit on the couch to work on a report, do we still need a room with a full-size desk and storage dedicated solely to office […]