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Q&A: What’s the Difference Between Design-Build and Remodeling?

We recently sat down with the leader of the Mosby Building Arts Planning and Design team, Jack Culian. He detailed the difference of design-build vs. remodeling projects, and revealed a new design innovation coming to Mosby in 2017. Here are Jack’s answers to 4 questions: In general, what is the difference between design build vs. […]

Q&A: Blocking Nicotine Stained Walls

Question We just purchased a home from a smoker and have been cleaning it up. We have scrubbed it down, replaced the carpets, cleaned the ductwork and repainted every square inch of the home and, thankfully, the odor is gone. Unfortunately, we are now getting some discoloring in the paint finish. Is this from nicotine? And […]

Q&A: What Type of Light Bulbs Should I Use?

Question When it comes to replacing lightbulbs, there’s so many changes and so many choices. How do you compare watts to lumens? And what type of bulbs are the best to replace the traditional incandescent? Any advice to simplify shopping for light bulbs would be most appreciated! Answer We understand your confusion – the lightbulb […]

Q&A: The Difference Between Retail and Contractor-Grade Faucets

Question We’re getting ready to remodel our bathroom and picking out fixtures. There’s a great price difference between faucets on the shelf at Home Depot or Lowe’s and those available through our contractor’s plumbing suppliers. Even when it’s the same make and model, the price difference can be significant. Why is there such a price […]

Q&A: When to Use a Nail or Screw?

Question How do you know when it’s better to use a nail or screw? Answer Ah, the eternal question! Unlike the Coke or Pepsi debate, nail or screw does have a correct answer – many correct answers because it depends on the context. In general, nails handle shear weight better than screws. When you’ve seen […]

Q&A: What is the Cost of a Whole House Remodel in St. Louis?

Question I am considering buying a house similar to the “Updated Ranch Home” shown on your website. I am curious to know the ballpark figure for the total cost of that project. Would you be able to share that info to help us figure out if we should buy? Answer The project you describe is […]