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Basement Egress Window Installation

As to window brand quality, we’ve learned that how a window is installed is as important as the type of window. Meaning, the best quality window will fail if installed wrong, while a low-priced window can perform great if installed correctly. We have installed several compliant egress window systems and have learned a lot of […]

Floor Leveling in a Basement

Your basement floor slopes because of the drain that handles runoff from your furnace, spills, flash flooding, etc. If there is another drain in the basement to handle this, then you can flatten the floors in the livable space with a floor leveler. Floor leveling compound is for relatively smaller areas such as 4 x […]

Sound Proof Walls & Ceiling in Basement Finish

Sound proofing is achieved by blocking or detaching sound carrying materials. A “sound proof” frame wall can use the offset framing method. Use a 2×6 top & bottom wall plate and then use 2×4 wall studs vertically, 16″ on-center or 16″ apart. They will not extend to the other edge or side of the wall […]

Sump Pump with Battery Backup

Yes, battery backup sump pumps are available, important, and require some knowledge of check valves to correctly and effectively install. They are powered by a 12 volt, deep cycle, car-type battery mounted in a plastic case. The battery is powered by a battery charger with electronic controls & sensors so that the sump pump runs […]

Painting a Concrete Basement Floor

Hang on to your hat …This is a really big job to correctly do if you will have any real long-term traffic on your floor. I really advise solvent paints for floors but you can try water-based coatings at your own risk. I really advise that any solvent floor paint be professionally applied!!! If this […]

Dry Out a Water Damaged Basement

DRY, DRY, DRY ASAP!! Remove the carpet or lift it with many high volume fans blowing under the carpet. Remove and replace any carpet padding. DEHUMIDIFY with as many dehumidifiers as you can muster, one per 300 square feet or one per room depending on air movement. Ideally remove the carpet & pad to dry […]

Concrete Floor Cracks in Basement

Your concrete floor is probably fine. Hundreds of gallons of water leave your floor concrete over the first year and this causes shrinkage. This shrinkage commonly shows as a fine crack, which is typically an even width along the crack. Some builders design shrinkage joints or control joints in basement floors which show up as […]

Steel Column Removal in Basement

Yes, with many conditions. This is a very big structural question and you will need an engineer or architect to design this system. The wood or steel column can be removed AND you must strengthen the structural beam, break the concrete basement floor and install a larger concrete footing, and probably make the beam taller […]

Lowering a Basement Floor

Adding a foot of additional depth to a basement by lowering the floor is possible. The risk of success is the existing depth of the sewer pipes beneath the basement floor. If the sewer pipes under the basement concrete floor are buried deep enough below the floor to allow this floor “lowering” to work (12”-18” […]