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Jamb Extentions for Wood Trims

There is no need to change the new drywall. Your wall surface process is intact, just not yet finished in regard to the window trims and jamb extensions. You need to add jamb extensions to your window and door jambs to make them thicker. This is standard trim carpentry stuff. All the window and door […]

Floor Joist Span Sizes

I am unfamiliar with this rule of thumb. There is much that determines maximum allowable span such as the spacing of joists stated by inches on center, grade and species of wood, floor load, etc. My rule of thumb is the maximum allowable span for a 2×10, 16″ on center, #2 yellow pine (this is […]

Finish Trim for Pocket Door

Finish Trims are available and standard from professional millwork supply houses that supply pocket door rough frames. This is where a professional sales person can lead you through a quality selection process. I believe your “supply contact” needs for you to move up the scale of service & knowledge to a professional supplier. Two places […]