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Natural Odor Elimination

The odor eliminating products are made by Fresh Wave and they are great. They are available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, The Container Store and on their website. I think you will like them as I do. They are made of plant extracts that remove unwanted smells and are safe for […]

Vinegar in Toilets

FOR FLUSHING ISSUES Turn off the water to the toilet, flush the toilet to minimize the water in the bowl, and pour in a gallon of vinegar to remove scale and mineral deposits. Leave the vinegar in the toilet for 24-48 hours. This may improve the flushing. The goal is to open the ports in […]

Cleaning Paint Streaks Off Brick

I believe this is the white pigment from the powder coating on the metal siding that is washing down onto your brick. Yes, you can remove the streaks yourself but this will continue to be a persistent problem until the siding above is removed or re-coated. The powder coat finish of the metal siding is […]

White Stuff on Brick is Efflorescence

What you are experiencing is efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white crystalline or powdery, often fluffy/fuzzy deposit on the surface of masonry materials like concrete, brick, clay tile, etc. It’s caused by water seeping through masonry or cement based material.The water dissolves salts inside the material while moving through it, and then evaporates leaving the salt […]

Cleaning Bird Dropping Stains

I suggest using a deck cleaner and use it during or after a good or long rainfall. A deck cleaner will do a little better job than Simple Green but the soaking from the prolonged rain is the real help. Soaking, like soaking stains in laundry detergent, will help much more. Protein stains are very […]

Ductwork Cleaning, How Often?

I suggest you decide according to how dirty the ductwork interior appears, how fast your filters fill with dust, or how dirty your house is from a dust standpoint. I suggest that a relatively clean house, as your sounds, have the ductwork cleaned about every 5 years. If you have pets, dusty children or grand […]

Mildew Brown Spots on Bathroom Ceiling

Put a timer on you bath vent fan so that it runs for 20-30 minutes after a shower to better remove the moisture. The spots are from mildew growing on the surface of the paint, most likely from condensation build up from colder months. A residue builds up on the ceiling paint surface once the […]

Cleaning Vinyl Siding & Decks

Any surface that stays moist will grow mold. I suspect the moldy vinyl siding gets little or no direct sunlight and the wind does not freely circulate around these moldy spots. This is like moss growing on the north side of trees in a forest, the sunlight never shines on the north of the tree. […]

Cleaning Gutters with Black Streaks

Top Job, Krud Kutter, Simple Green & Whitewall Tire Cleaner will clean the milling oil streaks off the gutters and remove the difficult dark streaks off your aluminum gutters. I’m also sure that Goof Off would clean the gutters but might harm the gutter finish … so beware. The milling oil that clings to the […]

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor

If the smoke has actually coated the surface with a yellow residue you need to scrub the walls down with TSP “tri sodium phosphate” to clean the walls so paint will go on properly. Also, use a good quality oil based primer on the walls to help hide the outlines of pictures and furniture. Then […]