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Sliding Closet Door Repair

Putting a sliding door back on track can be easy – or difficult. The process involves tilting the doors toward you at an angle and lifting the door back onto the track above. The floor keeper on the bottom (usually center) of the door needs to be removed to allow the door panels to swing […]

Tempered Glass Storm Door Failed

Tempered glass, or heat tempered glass, is a safety feature for glass. Tempered or safety glass is required and wise when the glass is in a door or is within 2 feet of a door, and several other applications. It is designed to shatter into safe little pebbles of glass and not the dagger-like chards […]

Finish Trim for Pocket Door

Finish Trims are available and standard from professional millwork supply houses that supply pocket door rough frames. This is where a professional sales person can lead you through a quality selection process. I believe your “supply contact” needs for you to move up the scale of service & knowledge to a professional supplier. Two places […]