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Ceiling Drywall is Sagging After Insulation

Sagging ceiling drywall is usually caused by using 1/2” thick drywall that is too thin for the 24” spacing typical in most roof truss installations. Our Mosby Building Arts standard for roof trusses that are framed 24” on-center is to use 5/8” thick drywall or 5/8” thick fire-rated drywall which has fibers to reinforce and […]

Sagging Drywall Ceiling

First, batt insulation is not to be installed over loose blown insulation because it smashes the air out of the spaces between the fibers, so the batts totally negate any effect of the loose insulation. Loose insulation can be applied over the batts but not the other way around. Second, I suspect high humidity in […]

Diagnose Horizontal Crack On Drywall

Your house built in the 1970s would likely have gypsum sheet interior wall surfaces (aka, drywall). Drywall sheets are 4′ wide and are horizontally joined by taping with a cement compound to bridge the joint. When cracks show themselves as predictably as you’ve described, that’s most likely taping at the drywall seam that has failed. […]

Drywall Repair on Geodesic Dome

Drywall cracks are usually from structural variation and movement in the framing. This movement is usually from moisture changes typically from seasonal humidity changes and this results in the swelling and shrinkage of the wood framing materials under the drywall. This swelling and shrinking causes drywall cracks, especially in the St. Louis area with its […]