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Aluminum Wiring and Radio Static

I urgently advise you to get your aluminum wiring checked for arcing and fire risk, NOW. The static on your AM radio may be a warning of wiring problems. This is serious and may be a fire warning for you. Aluminum wiring is a problem at the connections to the devices, like at the light […]

Electric Federal Pacific Breakers

It’s time to change that panel. I suggest you find a licensed electrician and replace your electric panel with a larger size. The 200 amp size is now the standard for circuit panels. Federal Pacific breakers have been identified as a fire risk and are recognized as risky by Reatlors, home buyers, home inspectors and […]

Electrical Wall Outlets Get Hot

Electric wires and outlets are sized and rated by wattage and load delivered to the plugged in appliance. I suspect several things that may affect your hot electric outlets. First, use a space heater sized small enough to operate safeley where it is plugged in to the wall. Most outlets in family rooms and bedrooms […]

Generators for Backup Electric in Emergencies

Generators come in various sizes, features, fuel types, power quality, noisy vs. quiet, automatic vs. owner connected, portable, permanent, power on monthly self-test vs. no tests, various brands, and ease of use. It is like buying a car: all have 4-wheels, seats, and a motor, but some last 4 years while others last 14 years […]

Electric Aluminum Wiring & Replacing Electrical Outlets

Yes, do something now! Hot electrical outlets and especially the bake-lite smell (a heat indicator) is the pre-fire warning from arcing aluminum wiring. The heat is the result of arcing from loose electrical connections. You must immediately change to the approved aluminum devices or the approved pigtail method in this house and have this house […]