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Floor Material Choice for Wheelchair Traffic

For mobility, I recommend hard wood or laminate flooring rather than ceramic tile. The wood, or laminate, is smoother with tighter joints between pieces. The laminate floor surface is actually a bit more durable than a wood finish, however it far more prone to cupping and warping than wood flooring. Nothing is as beautiful as […]

Should Ceramic Tile Go Down Before or After the Cabinets?

Personally I prefer to have the tile installed before the cabinets when possible. Reasons: 1. This method is safer for the cabinets, less chance of damage or scratches on the cabinets from moving tile around. 2. Makes for a clean transition from the tile to cabinets, there will be no need for a grout line […]

Floor Leveling in a Basement

Your basement floor slopes because of the drain that handles runoff from your furnace, spills, flash flooding, etc. If there is another drain in the basement to handle this, then you can flatten the floors in the livable space with a floor leveler. Floor leveling compound is for relatively smaller areas such as 4 x […]

Painting a Concrete Basement Floor

Hang on to your hat …This is a really big job to correctly do if you will have any real long-term traffic on your floor. I really advise solvent paints for floors but you can try water-based coatings at your own risk. I really advise that any solvent floor paint be professionally applied!!! If this […]

Floor Joist Span Sizes

I am unfamiliar with this rule of thumb. There is much that determines maximum allowable span such as the spacing of joists stated by inches on center, grade and species of wood, floor load, etc. My rule of thumb is the maximum allowable span for a 2×10, 16″ on center, #2 yellow pine (this is […]

Floor Joist Squeak & Metal Ductwork

I suspect your squeak is the ductwork sheet metal moving up and down along the shaft of the vertical nail or bracket holding it to the bottom of the floor joists. The 2×12 floor joists on a 16 foot span are well within span limits for single family residences, therefore they are not likely the […]

How to Choose the Right Flooring for You

When you enter a home for the first time, floors are one of the very first things you notice because they are a large surface in the home. Floors are terrific opportunity to make a design statement and define living space. How do you choose the right flooring for you? Here are some good questions […]

Should I Remove the Vanity for a New Ceramic Tile Floor?

We at Mosby Building Arts typically remove the sink, vanity and toilet to install ceramic tile on a bathroom floor. A potential water leak or water spill under the vanity will therefore not affect the wood of the vanity cabinet and the appearance is more crisp and professional.However, many tile installers take a brief approach […]

Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Squeaky hardwood floors in the winter are often made worse from very dry air amongst other things. Check the relative moisture in your home with a digital meter to assure the indoor humidity is between 30% – 50% relative humidity. Indoor air dryer than 30% causes everything to shrink, wood, cabinets, flooring, drywall, furniture, skin […]

Plywood vs. Composite Sub-Floor Material

I still like fir plywood, but I like 5-ply fir plywood. Less expensive 3-ply plywood in any species of wood is less sturdy than 5-ply. Composites are far more available, less costly, and will move less in “normal” moisture conditions due to the large amount of non-organic adhesive. Lots of plastic adhesive keeps expansion to […]