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Spalling Stone Foundation Repair

This is the normal deterioration of the porous limestone from local quarries that have been used in our region. Water seeps into the porous stone face, expands when it freezes and pops the stone face off the block. This is called “spalling” and it is how Mother Nature erodes mountains, even when we build our […]

Sinking Front Porch

I suspect that you may have a sinking stone pier which is causing the sagging. The sinking stone pier solution is replacement and not repair or piering. This is a combination carpenter, structural assessment, and pier replacement solution. A foundation company will offer only piering. You need a company ( like Mosby Building Arts, for […]

Foundation Concrete Cracked Brick Corner

The cause of the crack is expansion of the brick usually from sunlight or summer heat. The brick is usually a different color than the white concrete foundation and therefore expands and contracts at a different rate than the concrete. During the heat of the summer the brick “slides” or elongates more than the concrete […]

Saw-Cutting Foundation for a Door & Window

Whoa there! This is a big league structural issue when you start sawing structural concrete like a foundation. The good news is it can be done, the bad news is that it takes the help of a structural engineer and a building permit is required. You need the engineer to assess the structural loads, opening […]

Foundation Seepage Leak Under Front Porch

I think your suggestion might help but will not likely fix the problem unless it is buried very deep. The problem is typically that the soil beneath the front porch concrete slab is supported with brackets or knee supports that are part of the foundation of the house. Typically the porch slab stays relatively stable […]

Concrete Foundation Expands and Contracts

Concrete most definitely moves during expansion and contraction. Just look at our highways with expansion joints between the concrete slabs. These joints get compressed during the hot summer when direct sunlight causes heat and tremendous expansion, and then in the cold winter months the slabs shrink to smaller sizes and the joints widen. I have […]