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Garage Door Sticks In Winter

For door jambs with the metal spring strips, simply rub wax or bar soap on the metal. This will let the door slide easily during operation. For the rubber gasket type, I recommend polishing the rubber with floor wax, WD 40 or an ArmorAll type product as used on car tires. This keeps ice from […]

Removing Tile Without Damaging Drywall

The brown paper you are seeing is probably the backing that held the sheets of tile together. This is common for the smaller tiles that are around an inch square. It aided in the speed of the installation. The mastic that holds the tile to the wall will be the next layer, then the drywall. […]

Genesco for Window Repair Parts

Genesco Windows –  314-567-9175 – will repair your windows for you or provide you with repair parts. They can fix your windows or assist your own repair. I suggest you take a photograph to them and some measurements of the window. They can help you. If you have more serious problems you can contact my […]

Sewer Gas Smell & Peppermint Extract

Sewer gas smell indicates a potentially serious health and safety threat. The simplest and more common solution to stop the smell is to pour water into the drains of all your plumbing fixtures to replace any water that has evaporated from your drain traps. Plumbing fixtures that are seldom used can cause a sewer gas […]

How to Work with Truss Lift

This could be truss lift if you have roof trusses in the house. The ceiling can actually lift up off the wall and leave a gap, usually on an interior wall. Truss Lift can be very ugly and tends to return each winter according to the weather. If it is truss lift, I suggest you […]

Train Traffic Vibrations to House

The vibration is cause for concern but with little practical remedy.The threat to your house foundation is minor as long as the foundation is installed on solid soil and footings. A good poured concrete foundation with typical steel reinforcing on solid soil is usually over designed. Your house will experience potential ills much more quickly […]

How To Store Caulk

The proper way to store caulk – open or not yet opened – is in the upright position. Once opened, the caulk material is designed to cure with the presence of air, and an opened caulk tube lasts a short time depending upon ambient temperature. To seal an opened tube, squeeze some caulk out of […]

How to Identify a Load Bearing Wall

The answer is yes, the medicine cabinet and shelves affect the load bearing of the house if they require changing the wall studs in a load bearing wall. The simplest answer is the brief answer. Structural walls on two story homes are commonly the center wall running parallel with the length of the house. Any […]

Fence Post Installation

I suggest using 1/2″ minus crushed limestone for your fence post installation instead of concrete. Pack it in the hole around the fence post, plumb up the fence post as you insert the crushed stone, then water the top of the stone at completion. The crushed stone sets up like a low grade concrete and […]