Beware Who Knocks at Your Door

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

knocking at the door Beware Who Knocks at Your Door

During tough economic times, statistics show that home robberies and burglaries rise, which means we should increase our neighborhood vigilance.

We teach our children to not let strangers into the home, and this also applies to adults. If there’s someone standing on your porch that you did not invite or schedule to come to your home, the person is already circumspect.

An increasingly common occurrence is the unscheduled contractor appearing at the front door, claiming they are to do some work on your home. When you reply that you know of no such thing, they will ask to come in and use the phone to clear up the confusion. This is their ploy to get inside and case your home.

In this scenario, there are several clues that something is wrong.

• Reputable contractors will set up and confirm appointments with you in advance of the meeting day.

• Reputable contractors will have company-identifying clothing and/or vehicles in plain view.

• Reputable contractors that have come to the wrong door will not ask to use your phone, instead using their own phone to clear up their mistake.

door to door salesman Beware Who Knocks at Your Door

Another common ploy used by criminals to case your neighborhood or home is the unsolicited knock on the door to ask for your business. While this once was an acceptable practice (think of the iconic “door-to-door salesman”), it is no longer necessary in today’s world. The majority of people research their consumer needs via the internet or recommendations from others, and there are dozens of avenues available to contractors to market and advertise their services to you.

Couple these facts with our needs for increased personal security. There remains no reason for a reputable contractor to canvass door-to-door to drum up business. Surely there are exceptions to every rule, but when it comes to the safety of your home and family, it is wiser to err on the side of caution when an uninvited person is standing at your front door. Reputable and professional home improvement contractors will work hard to remove any level of doubt in their dealings with clients.

Mosby Building Arts is a long-standing and trusted residential remodeling company in Metro St. Louis, and they do not make unsolicited phone calls or home visits. A Mosby Home Consultation is an appointment made in advance by the homeowner, and a Mosby Consultant will arrive for the scheduled meeting in a company vehicle, wearing a company logo shirt and will identify themselves as well as greet you by name. This is a reasonable expectation for you to have with any home contracting professional that comes to your home.

For all your professional and honest home improvement needs, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.

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