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Insulating a 1950s Brick Home

I would automatically assume that there is probably not any insulation in the walls. If there is, it is probably vermiculite granules which settle over time, leaving a large void at the top of the walls. This was somewhat common in that era. The easiest way to see what type of insulation may be behind […]

Insulation Solar Attic Blanket

We are not believers in this method of insulation. It has been done for decades in various forms (it began as a foil-like material) and always delivers poor results. You will get far better performance from a blown cellulose material and doing an energy audit to identify and seal any areas of the attic that […]

Insulation Ghosting Vertical Streaks on Walls & Ceilings

I highly suspect that the substantial humidity created with your unvented gas fireplace log may be contributing to the problem. Your marks on the walls & ceiling are partially caused by moisture condensation at these slightly less insulated points in your building envelope. Then the dust sticks to the moisture at these points over time […]

Insulating a Basement

This is your last chance to insulate, so take the opportunity. First, finish only dry basements. Moisture trapped behind walls in finished spaces poses health issues. Dry basements are the only healthy candidates for finishing. At Mosby Building Arts we like to apply Xypex or Dry Lock moisture coatings to the dry, raw concrete walls […]

Guidelines for Indoor Pools & Water Features

Since the beginning of time, bodies of water soothe the soul and restore the body, which is why we continually harness the power of water for personal improvement and healing. We long for swimming and lap pools for exercise and relaxation. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis provide relaxation and therapy for sore and tired muscles. Waterfalls, […]