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How to Make Your Home More Accessible

Your home can age with you, meeting new needs as your abilities change.  Your home can be remodeled for improved accessibility, and incorporating even a few of the following modifications makes life easier for everyone. Entryways Welcome everyone with accessibility needs into your home with: • At least one zero-clearance entry that can be reached […]

Plan Now for an Accessible Bathroom

When we’re in good shape, we seldom think about mobility. Contemplating how the aging process will transform our relationship to the physical world is not appealing, and we don’t usually think about how a future surgery or mishap would impact our daily habits. But you can plan in advance to be ready for any future […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

There often comes a time when your home doesn’t seem as friendly as it used to be. The staircases can feel like mountain climbing and stepping in and out of the shower becomes an obstacle course. You’ve changed while the house has stayed the same. When this happens, a common thought is to sell the […]

Universal Design Indoors and Out

50+ living in your own home is all about independent, barrier-free comfort and function.  It’s a form of accessibility that benefits all the generations of your family and friends who come into your home, which is why it is also known as Universal Design. Remaining in your home requires thinking about how your life is […]