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Homeowner Rules for Lead Paint

Currently there are federal laws that mandate the proper removal of paint containing lead which affect contractors, landlords, and child care providers, but not individual home owners, specifically. We are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to present a booklet to our clients living in homes built before 1978 when the work we do […]

Painting a Concrete Basement Floor

Hang on to your hat …This is a really big job to correctly do if you will have any real long-term traffic on your floor. I really advise solvent paints for floors but you can try water-based coatings at your own risk. I really advise that any solvent floor paint be professionally applied!!! If this […]

Paint Smell & Respiratory Ailments

Your environment seems to be moldy and unhealthy from what you describe. We suspect your 7 year old paint is bad, probably moldy, and is probably contributing to your respiratory ailments. Latex paint is smelly but not usually a really bad smell. We strongly suggest that you seal over that paint – pronto – with […]

Painting Vinyl Siding

You can paint anything, but should you? Yes, vinyl siding can be effectively coated with a paint formulated to stick to it, but I do not recommend painting vinyl siding due to the substantial expansion and contraction movement caused by the extreme changes of temperature in the Midwest. If you paint the vinyl in cooler […]

Use KILZ to Block Stains

You are correct that the discoloration is from the nicotine bleeding through. I suggest you prime all the surfaces with a product called KILZ. It is an oil-based primer that is designed to keep previous layers (be it nicotine, darker paint, or pen and marker doodling) from showing through a new layer of paint. Do […]

Removing Paint from Concrete

Yes, the paint can be stripped from the concrete, but it is usually a messy, tedious task with no real guarantee that the concrete will return 100% to its original appearance. The removal process entails application of chemical strippers to the surface and then scraping it off. Other options for changing the appearance of your […]

Paint Disposal

Mold and mildew grows in the water of old latex paint, so I recommend disposing of old paint after 2-3 years even if it seems good. The only reason to keep old paint is for touch up painting. Dispose of the old paint by pouring it over rubbish or trash and let the paint dry. […]

Painted Latex Over Oil Paint

The real solution is to remove the paint or to replace the trims so a good bonding paint is the key. Two products that do a decent job of avoiding stripping the paint to fix the problem are Paso and Liquid Sand Paper. Both products sort of melt the latex paint and oil paint both […]

Painting Brick

Once the brick is painted it is difficult to remove all the paint. The paint absorbs into the brick mortar and does not easily come off. Painting brick is much more common because brick colors often date the house and may need color updating. The vision and value of the whole appearance of the house, […]

Wallpaper Removal

One part Downy to 3 parts warm water for hard to work wall coverings. For regular covers, one part Downy to 4 parts water.