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Kitchen Sink is Slow Draining and Bubbles

I suspect a blockage in two probable areas prone to problems with disposals. My first suggestion is to check your P-trap pipe below the disposal and sink, and clear it of any solid waste that may be caught there. The second place to check for blockage is a hole on the side of the disposal […]

Rid-X Recipe to Clean Plumbing Fixtures

We have found an additional use for Rid-X Septic Tank Cleaner: as a safe and natural way to keep the insides of all plumbing lines clean. Rid-X is a bacterial enzyme that breaks down waste in septic tanks, but it can also be used for all waste systems in your house. Applied regularly, it will […]

Vinegar in Toilets

FOR FLUSHING ISSUES Turn off the water to the toilet, flush the toilet to minimize the water in the bowl, and pour in a gallon of vinegar to remove scale and mineral deposits. Leave the vinegar in the toilet for 24-48 hours. This may improve the flushing. The goal is to open the ports in […]

Plumbing Do Not Use Muriatic Acid

We at Mosby Building Arts work hard to share our knowledge so misguided advice like this can not cause damage to you or your home. Unfortunately, orange vest experts seldom call on the Mosby Blue experts for the proper solution, and poor advice like this is the result. We absolutely DISAGREE with this method. Acid […]

Sewer Vent PVC Standpipe in the Yard

This standpipe is in the yard for maintenance purposes and supplying air into the sewer pipes for free flowing reasons, and with modern plumbing practices it is normal for it to be made from PVC. Its use is for having the pipe cleaned or snaked from outside the home rather than making a mess inside […]

Water Well System Losing Pressure

There are a few things a home owner can do to lightly service a water well system. Re-charging the air charge into the holding pressure tank or air bladder inside the tank may improve the situation, but unlikely. To increase the air charge in the pressure tank you need to maintain or add about 35 […]

Hot Water Runs Out too Soon

I suspect your water heater and nice shower valves are functioning correctly. It is possible that you just don’t have enough hot water capacity for the high-flow shower head and valves, even with a 50 gallon water heater. Please follow me through this thought process. Kohler makes good valves and shower heads and is known […]

Sweating Cold Water Pipes

Your cold water pipes are a classic, summer humidity occurrence. Fear not, a minor issue when corrected! The cold pipes are sweating, or condensing the moisture out of the very “wet” air in the basement. This is just like a glass of ice water sweating on a humid summer day. The dew point in the […]

Toilet Bowl Black Streaks

You have a lime-like mineral build up from the many little holes under the toilet bowl rim where the water flows during flushing. These water paths have left a mineral residue over the years and that residue is now holding moisture where mildew can form. The black is from the mildew, mildew is from the […]

Drain Water Pipes to Prepare for Freezing

Your house will typically retain enough heat to keep water pipes from freezing for about two days after losing power and heat. Conserve the heat inside your house by keeping doors and windows closed and running only properly vented gas fireplaces and gas logs. DO NOT USE cooking appliances to heat! Use your gas cook […]