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Evaluate a Home You Want To Buy

Yes, we offer the consultation service to help you determine if a home you’re interested in buying is a good fit for you. There are so many variables to consider when making such an important decision, and we take into consideration your current lifestyle, future aspirations and your budget for purchase and renovations. Click here […]

Advantages & Benefits of Design-Build

Thank you for your questions. I am grateful to be given the chance to address your concerns. Q: What is the benefit of our two design stages and your design fee? A: Our 3-step Mosby Design-Build process is far more intensive than just building a project. We provide and perform the “general contractor” service within […]

How to Choose a Reliable Company

Whom do you trust the most? This is a choice of people and very much like a job interview. At Mosby Building Arts we review hundreds of firms for our team. We choose companies and people who really know their business, enjoy the work, have a strong reputation and the ability to support their work […]

Microwave Height Above Counter Top

Standard clearance for a microwave-hood combination appliance is 18″ above the range top which is 54″ above the the finish floor. The 30″ clearance above your stove top is for a cabinet or flammable & combustible surface. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) recommends the height of a microwave oven to be installed 24-48″ […]

The Cost of a Whole House Remodel

The project you describe included these features: a south side addition that included a garage; master suite with bedroom, large walk-in closet and generous master bath; a rear entry foyer, laundry room, powder room and a pantry space. Within the original house we removed most center load bearing walls in the living, dining, kitchen, and […]

Small Home Projects – Who Will Do Them?

My company, Mosby Building Arts, does small projects in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We offer a program to survey and view your house in order to be more efficient with your time and dollars. Please phone 314-909-1800 or contact us to have your home surveyed for repairs and get your list of repairs done.