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Window Reflection Melts Vinyl Siding

This situation is an unfortunate side effect caused by the following factors: Rather than insert a charge of inert gas (like argon) between the panes of glass, some manufacturers choose to draw a vacuum inside the window panes. This will sometimes cause the glass to become concave, causing the glass to behave like a magnifying […]

Siding Removal Before Re-Siding

I strongly advocate removing all the old siding, installing a wind/moisture membrane like Tyvek over the wall sheathing, and then applying the new siding. Current building technology experts advocate and promote this critically important practice of removing old siding. Consider this … As moisture moves from inside the wall cavity and from the interior of […]

Painting Vinyl Siding

You can paint anything, but should you? Yes, vinyl siding can be effectively coated with a paint formulated to stick to it, but I do not recommend painting vinyl siding due to the substantial expansion and contraction movement caused by the extreme changes of temperature in the Midwest. If you paint the vinyl in cooler […]

Steel Siding and Masonite Board

We do offer installation of all kinds of siding, but our preference is Certainteed Fiber Cement siding. It is similar to Hardie Board but is has a few subtle differences that make us like it a little better than James Hardie. Aluminum and steel siding are good products but do not deliver the same appearance […]

Siding Flip to Reverse Side of Wood

Great idea with flipping the siding, but it has serious drawbacks. Our experience at Mosby Building Arts is that approximately 40% of the siding will split when removed because of the many nails and the dryness of the old wood. The old siding splits very easily also because of the relatively clear straight wood grain. […]