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Crawl Space Treatment

This is a great question. It is also very good that the flooring installer made this recommendation. Hardwood flooring is very sensitive to moisture and humidity. Controlling the humidity in the crawlspace is very important for the home’s health, indoor air quality (which equals YOUR health) and the stability of the flooring. Essentially, the treatment […]

Ceiling Fan Direction by Season

When used properly, running your ceiling fans in conjunction with your heating or cooling system can optimize your comfort level while saving a little bit of money on energy bills. This method is best only while people are in the room; there’s no added benefit to leaving them on all the time as this is […]

Dryer Vent Placement Options

I suggest making a sheet metal “clean-out” box that bridges below the floor joists so the exhaust cuts through the adjacent band board. The clean out box would have an access panel or door on it to allow lint removal, could also be the “j-trap” which avoids cutting through the floor joist, and allows a […]

Crawl Space Humidity

Holy smokes Harry you asked THE $64 question. I will try to be brief. The best solution in the St. Louis area part of the country is that you totally insulate and seal up the crawl space so it stays relatively warm and dry to avoid condensation. This is done with 2” rigid insulation, no […]

Fireplace Smell & Cold Air Draft in Winter

Build it tight & vent it right! This is the rule to build by. Seal off air infiltration from the exterior of your home, tightly, no air leaks in or out. This includes vent fan back draft dampers for kitchen – bath – dryer exhaust fans etc, window & door weather stripping, fireplace dampers and […]

Seal & Insulate Basement Ductwork

Yes, insulate for comfort but the financial return on investment is low when the ductwork is in the basement. Optimal improvement comes when you seal the leaks in your metal ductwork and then insulate the ductwork. The U.S. Department of Energy show an average leakage of 30-35% in most metal ductwork systems. That means that […]

Open a Window While Using Fireplace?

Opening a window is a good idea while operating any gas appliance especially if you feel tightness in your chest, dizziness, headaches and irritability while operating an appliance. These are symptoms of carbon monoxide toxicity and can be deadly, so prudence and safety are the practice. After discussing this with you on-the-air I suspect that […]

Paint Smell & Respiratory Ailments

Your environment seems to be moldy and unhealthy from what you describe. We suspect your 7 year old paint is bad, probably moldy, and is probably contributing to your respiratory ailments. Latex paint is smelly but not usually a really bad smell. We strongly suggest that you seal over that paint – pronto – with […]

Venting Attic & Blocking Gable Vents

Yes, any simple air block material like plastic, OSB or plywood can be used to block air flow into the attic through the gable vents. The minimum recommended attic ventilation is 1.5% of your attic floor space. If you have a 1000 square foot attic floor, then the ventilation should meet or exceed 15 square […]