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Mold on Basement Insulation

Great question! We are very passionate about proper vapor barrier methods for this very reason, and it is our belief that the plastic is an incorrect method for our region. According to section 318 of the 2006 IRC code our zone (4) being St Louis and surrounding county, a vapor barrier is not technically required. […]

Mold Behind Pictures on Wall

The reason mold accumulates only behind pictures on the exterior walls is due to condensation caused by the interior of your home being cool with a relatively high humidity level and the exterior being warm during the summer months. It works in exactly the same way that a glass of ice water sweats while sitting […]

Patio Causing Basement Leak

From what you describe, I suspect you have already answered your question. One possible fix – other than replacement – would be an underground drainage system in the yard. I say this because of the possibility that water is intruding from under the slab. If you can get that water away before it migrates under […]

Wet Garage Floor

Condensation, or moisture out of the air, causes the wet concrete garage floor. A combination of warm air with relatively high humidity coming into contact with the cold concrete garage floor is what causes the “wetness”. This is the same situation as cold glass on windows having water droplets inside your house during the cold […]

Window Well Leaking

I agree the soil is saturated and water is rising from below into the window wells. The gravel drainage in the bottom of the window wells will not work because it depends on the soil absorption below – which is counter to the “saturated soil” ability. The window wells must be drained by gravity or […]

Brick Steel Lintel Caulk Gap at Bottom

Yes, paint the steel to limit the corrosion of the steel. Do NOT caulk the gap between the steel lintel and the brick or masonry stone, EVER! The space or gap between the steel and the brick functions as a weep hole or weep space to allow moisture, condensation or water to escape from the […]

Mildew Brown Spots on Bathroom Ceiling

Put a timer on you bath vent fan so that it runs for 20-30 minutes after a shower to better remove the moisture. The spots are from mildew growing on the surface of the paint, most likely from condensation build up from colder months. A residue builds up on the ceiling paint surface once the […]

Foundation Seepage Leak Under Front Porch

I think your suggestion might help but will not likely fix the problem unless it is buried very deep. The problem is typically that the soil beneath the front porch concrete slab is supported with brackets or knee supports that are part of the foundation of the house. Typically the porch slab stays relatively stable […]

Dry Out a Water Damaged Basement

DRY, DRY, DRY ASAP!! Remove the carpet or lift it with many high volume fans blowing under the carpet. Remove and replace any carpet padding. DEHUMIDIFY with as many dehumidifiers as you can muster, one per 300 square feet or one per room depending on air movement. Ideally remove the carpet & pad to dry […]