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Basement Egress Window Installation

As to window brand quality, we’ve learned that how a window is installed is as important as the type of window. Meaning, the best quality window will fail if installed wrong, while a low-priced window can perform great if installed correctly. We have installed several compliant egress window systems and have learned a lot of […]

Window Reflection Melts Vinyl Siding

This situation is an unfortunate side effect caused by the following factors: Rather than insert a charge of inert gas (like argon) between the panes of glass, some manufacturers choose to draw a vacuum inside the window panes. This will sometimes cause the glass to become concave, causing the glass to behave like a magnifying […]

Window Well Leaking

I agree the soil is saturated and water is rising from below into the window wells. The gravel drainage in the bottom of the window wells will not work because it depends on the soil absorption below – which is counter to the “saturated soil” ability. The window wells must be drained by gravity or […]

Genesco for Window Repair Parts

Genesco Windows –  314-567-9175 – will repair your windows for you or provide you with repair parts. They can fix your windows or assist your own repair. I suggest you take a photograph to them and some measurements of the window. They can help you. If you have more serious problems you can contact my […]

Water Leaks in Atrium Windows

The truth is you will need to remove all of those windows, have each opening properly flashed and re-install the windows. New home builders have been incorrectly installing these atrium windows for the past 20 years, and the lack of proper flashing is a common problem we constantly diagnose and repair. I’m sorry to deliver […]

Properly Installing Replacement Windows

Contractor vs. window installer depends on the level of replacement you are searching for. If you are looking to have the windows 100% removed and new full unit windows installed I would recommend a contractor. If you are looking for the more basic window insert replacement a contractor will be your best bet, but a […]

Windows to Help Reduce Noise

The interior storm panels do cut noise a little. Some sound transmits through the window weight sash pockets in the old double hung windows so the storm panels may be of limited effect for cutting sound. The panels will help cut the sound but maybe not as much as you might desire. Even the exterior […]

Window Replacements

Your choices for installation are to leave the aluminum frame in the wall and downsize the new windows for fit within that existing frame. Then brake metal (pre-finished aluminum) cover the perimeter to finish. The second choice involves either cutting the flange of the frame out as you describe (damage included) or remove the frames […]