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Show summary for 04/23/2011
Sewer Back Ups & Listener Questions

3-hours in the KMOX studio with Scott Mosby answering your home improvement questions at 314.436.7900 or 1.800.925.1120.

Today's Topic
Preventing Sewer Back Up

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Xypex Water Coating Foundation Walls
Do you still consider Xypex and Drylock to be great basement moisture control products for existing homes?

Vinegar in Toilets
On the air, you talked with a woman about how the water was running on the right side of her toilet and causing a build ...

Dust Problem
I am an allergy sufferer and the dustiest room in our house is the upstairs master bedroom. It, and the adjoining master bathroom, have circular ...

Sewer Line Blocked - Pressure Cleaner
The other day while the washer was draining I heard a strange noise coming from my downstairs bathroom. Upon investigation I saw air bubbles coming ...

Basement Leak and Drying it Out
I have a question concerning water damage after the recent monsoon rains we experienced here. I had a blockage somewhere along the corrugated discharge tube ...

Drain Tile Clogged on Exterior
We have a blocked exterior drain tile pipe that has a big tree root in the pipe. We have dug up the outside pipe, do ...

Noisy Toilet Humming Sound
I have 3 toilets and one makes a really loud humming sound when flushed. What is the cause and how can I stop the humming?

Brick Restoration Cleaning
What is "Restoration Cleaning" for brick? What is used to do this? When in the process of tuck pointing is this typically done? Can this ...

Crawl Space Leak and Humidity
We have water seeping into our basement like a million other people. My question, though, concerns my husband's ideas on how to fix this. We have ...

Concrete Sealer Longevity
How often does the sealer need to be applied to the concrete driveway? What is the best product to purchase? And what is the proper ...

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