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Concrete Sealing Recommendations

Q. I want to seal a concrete driveway pad that has never had anything done to it. Also, I would like to seal my garage floor while I'm at it. What do you recommend as a solution to keeping these concrete areas in good shape?

A. There are retail sealers available to homeowners that have a limited appeal with a limited level of experience for the DIY installer. I suggest you apply a concrete cleaner to your drive and thoroughly power wash the drive to a consistent cleanliness according to your desire. Then apply a silicone based sealer according to the instructions paying particular attention to how dry the concrete is when applied. The best 20% and 30% silicone sealers actually “stain” or tint the concrete because of the amount of silicone in it. Retail products don’t want this customer complaint so they limit the amount of effective product in their materials. There are much better sealers available from wholesale professional construction suppliers with experts on staff who can also give you the guidance to select the right finish.

At Mosby Building Arts, we seal concrete with an exceptional product backed with the training and experience required to properly apply the sealer in a way that delivers long-lasting protection. Learn more about our concrete sealing here.

It is like selecting shampoo for your head: which product you pick depends on the type of hair and the look you seek. I know it is a simplistic analogy but the concrete sealers are a vast choice of products. The professionally applied products come with all the support and training to deliver the value.

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