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Refinish or Replaster Inground Gunite Pool?

Q. Our home has an inground gunite swimming pool that is 18 years old. It has never been painted or refinished. The finish on the gunite portion is white plaster. Portions of the white plaster are beginning to wear away.

One alternative for refinishing the white plaster is epoxy paint. These products claim to have an eight year life. Do you recommend a paint refinishing approach or would you recommend having the white plaster replaced?

A. The long term approach is that re-plastering will last many more years, and is commensurate with the cost. I am skeptical of the paint, but it is an economical solution with a much shorter life than the plaster. I am skeptical of the 6 years for the paint; more like 3-4 years if the plaster has begun to deteriorate.

Painting is treating the symptom, plaster is addressing the disease. Treat the disease and the symptoms disappear. I advise the plaster.

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