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Refrigerant, Two Speed Blowers, UV Light in Furnace

Q. I am replacing my air conditioner and furnace. I am considering two speed units, new Puron vs. Freon refrigerants, and adding a Ultra Violet light feature to my filter. What do you think of these features?

A. I love energy efficiency which means high SEER rated A/C condenser units, two speed blower models of air handler furnaces and air conditioners, and as of 2007 I acknowledge the 2010 deadline for Puron use in new furnaces. The higher efficiency models of air conditioners are more engineered for the new Puron refrigerant and I therefore prefer the Puron even though I believe in the time tested R-22 Freon for refrigerants.

The Ultra Violet Light "filters" used in duct systems provide a biological "cleaning" feature for bacteria. A high efficiency traditional filter system is still required with the UV light feature. The UV light is great if you have repiratory ailments or just prefer better biological protection at home.

I love two speed blowers, high SEER A/C units, and UV light features. You get what you pay for and these extra features provide great performance for better comfort and health.

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